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Warsztaty edukacyjne z zakresu: -" Sztuki walk przez pryzmat zdrowia człowieka i znaków japońskich" - "Dziecko jako Mistrz. Stereotypy wychowawcze."

New Year wishes

BANG Edu Project wishes you all brightness in hearts, peace in souls, success in all you touch and love above all… Happy New Year of 2014 Reklamy

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Seiza and shikko in Vietnamese !!!!

I am honoured to inform that my Seiza and shikko article has been translated into Vietnamese. Thanks to Mr Le Dinh Tao of  Vũng Tàu Aikido Club. * [ NHỮNG LỢI ÍCH CỦA SEIZA VÀ SHIKKO DƯỚI GÓC NHÌN CỦA … Czytaj dalej

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Advantages of seiza and shikko – in the eyes of a physio

Seiza, the basic sitting position in Far East culture and shikko – simply speaking – knee walking, are two of all fundamentals of aikido. Many parents and dojo members ask me if those are healthy and harmless to locomotor system. … Czytaj dalej

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If things go well…

If things go well, half of BANG will have a brief speach for Dereham aikidoists, UK. Absolute Aikido Dereham invites East Anglian aikidoist and fans: „Hips in aikido”  

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Seiseki Abe – the man who taught Morihei Ueshiba, Steven Seagal and Haruo Matsuoka

Since that subject is close to us, we hereby recomend reading the linked article:

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My „Aikido and injuries” are on !!!

I am in a rush to inform that my AIKIDO AND INJURIES has been published on, by kind permission of Stanley Pranin, thank you.

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Where exactly is Ten – chi located?

Thete is no doubt that hips are where ten chi is located. It is the spot where heaven meets earth both mechanicly and emotionally. It is the reason why hips do matter t h a t much in aikido and … Czytaj dalej

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AROUND AIKIDO Education Cycle launches again

Along with TANREN DOJO WARSAW we start our AROUND AIKIDO Education Cycle again. Classes will be conducted on: 1: 30.03.2013r, 2: 13.04 3: 27.04 4: 11.05 5: 25.05 6: 8.06 Our classes will be held from 13:00 – 16:30 with … Czytaj dalej

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New graphics ready

what do you think, world?

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Around Aikido / Aikido No Mawari design in progress

Our First International AROUND AIKIDO / AIKIDO NO MAWARI design is being re-designed and will be presented to public soon.

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