What is your quickest connection between softness and life?

Language expresions lead us to a no man’s land in that case. We have all heard sayings like „you must be tough and rough in life” or „you must have a tough bottom and stiff neck to survive” or „it is a pride to be tough”.. These show potential advantages of being tough – I ‚d say rigid, inflexible, stiff-necked. Nothing is so far from the truth like those sayings and beliefs. They only show that they come from the deepest conviction of a mistaken view and become a part of us, humans. And they tend to browse us into their world, swallow us and then spit out.

I will use the very extreme example that shows how silly they are: you gest stiff after you die. That contrasts too much with joyfull life.

Watching the most endure shapes and constructions, bodies of living creatures and finally behaviours we can get to conclusions that the hard things do not last for too long. Elephants teeth, dried tree, reed branches, rigid spine or muscles that live in overtenshion – their future is not something I would like to share.

Softness of green grass, even under a heavy tractor’s wheels, will survive when the machinery drives away. The grass rises again. A soft bodied human will not hurt himself when falling as badly as the rigid bodied one. Finally, when it comes to extreme life matter terms, softness helps you to cope with the problem alike the common convictions want that to be.

Water is soft, water in us is soft too, the air is soft, life is soft, children are soft, teddy bears to hug are soft, good touch is very soft, our deepest convictions had been soft sometime in the past… Avoid the state of stifness, it leads to nowhere. Time will come to be stiff, no worry and we will have plenty of it to remain stiff.

Softness is life.  And life is softness. Softness is peacefull and lets us take its hand and walk with. Let us make it our self. Let it into your bows of respect to others, into our steps we make when walking, in lightness of our look, movements, joy of life, smiles shared with the lady in the newsagent’s, and the stranger driving by. Make your mind soft and elastic as well. That will let you live a good life.

That is my wish…


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