The very first cycle ever for aikido practitioners and instructors – read more:

BANG Educational Project presents the very first cycle ever for aikido practitioners and instructors:


The course cycle includes two major lecture blocks:

  1. – Human joints in aikido: general view on anatomy and physiology of the joints, human joints from symbolic point of view, role of body parts in particular movements and techniques,
  2. –  Aikido in Japanese signs: precise explanation of the very meaning of the signs, reading and drawing.

BANG lectures can be ordered in two ways:

–   as a brief MILE STONES OF AIKIDO course ( 8 hrs ) and will be presented as a compressed pack of information,

–    as a 6 days AROUND AIKIDO course according to following schedule:

Day 1:

– is Japanese hard to learn? basics of Japanese, counting in Japanese, counting system in Japan,

– general view on human anatomy and physiology of the locomotor system, a close view on movement factors,

Day 2:

– ethics, communication and commands in dojo,

– shoulders in aikido, facts and myths of shoulders,

Day 3:

– attack techniques used in aikido training in Japanese: types and  meanings in signs,

– hands and elbows in aikido,

Day 4:

– throw and control techniques in Japanese signs,

– knees in aikido,

Day 5:

– positions of waza, meaning and writing,

– feet in aikido,

(sushi preparation and speech on consumption culture in Japan as  additional option)

Day 6:

– aikido in signs, lesson of calligraphy, koshi in Japanese signs,

– hips as fundamental part of aikido techniques, magic of hips in human life, secrets of hips as human life basket.

BANG project will make your more aware of your body construction, its abilities and potentials, show you the risks of careless practice and emphasize the importance and secrets of aikido roots hidden in signs.

All classes on locomotor system function also consist stretching and strengthening  tips and advice of a qualified physiotherapist, MSc. Treatment of acute and chronic pain problems will also be advised and aplied if needed (in extra time).

All classes on Japanese consist any  discussion on signs that will enlighten the subjects if needed. Lectures will be conducted in an open dynamic system. Questions are very much of welcome.

BANG is spreading far beyond aikido to other martial arts concepts.

BANG is your way to knowledge!

Contact for details and fees:

or call: (+48 ) 501 124 417 (Agnieszka) , 602 786 988 (Bartek)


Informacje o projektbang

Warsztaty edukacyjne z zakresu: -" Sztuki walk przez pryzmat zdrowia człowieka i znaków japońskich" - "Dziecko jako Mistrz. Stereotypy wychowawcze."
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