AI KI DO – what does this triad cover?

Our adventure with BANG started with aikido. It is a simple story. We met and started talking. Countless hours of talks have lead us to conclusions that needed to be put on paper and spread. Then a book came – it is still waiting to be published but we hope – it will not take long to sniff it right from a bookstore shelf. And on Tuesday, 3 Jan 2012 BANG was born in my kitchen and there is no way back…

The articles below are those we have written so far, one by one, step by step, different subjects, different approaches but one reason: to find the very nature of the subjects we discuss. And the explanations are usually there – in signs.



AI KI DO – what does this triad cover?

It is time for me to confront my reading of “aikido” with typical translations, not necessarily wrong but not always full to the limits. I will make that analyze through meaning, sound and character – that will give me full option information. I will put those three ideograms to see the very point of the matter.


AI – it is a form of a noun derived from a verb, the starting sparkle is a verb of „au”, that means to fit, to agree, to harmonize, to collect, to mix, to become one.

KI – it is a noun that is – in my opinion – a treasury of meanings: spirit, heart, mind and consists a piece of  steam , reflection of being in a non-being.

When I look at some more ki-consisting words – it reveals the richness of meanings within that beautiful character of KI:

kibun – someone’s feelings, mood,

ki ga mijikai – „to have a short ki” which means to be impatient,

ki ga ookii – „to have a large ki” which stands for being generous,

ki ni tomeru – „to stop the ki” which stands for paying attention to something,

ki no nai – „not to have any ki” – which means to ignore something or someone,

ki ga au – „to meet ki” which means to be the very right for something or someone, to be suitfull, to harmonize, it is like the dot over i.

DO – it is a noun meaning way, approach, street, road.


AI – is usually translated as love; it is the sound we hear when reading those two words that do allow us (does it really?) to do so. The two remaining sounds of ai-ki-do do not mess here so let them sound on their way.


The best wine is served for the most patient guests.

Characters gives an impulse for thinking, seeking and analyse. Characters comprise forms that clear out only when touching our emotions, reflections and beliefs.

AI – the upper part looks like a roof, protective shelter. It shelters over kind of a huge basket with a bin. It symbolizes collecting things or anything that belongs to it. Putting piece to piece, piece by piece to make it all become one. What about harmony? Where is it? If I leave the upper part as a roof and look at the lower part as mouth (that is the very way to write that word)  – I conclude that mouth hidden under the roof stand for harmony, a human being at home – and home is his/her hideout, asylum, peace, the place where you regain your balance, where water calms down.

KI – when looking at this character from its top I see some kind of shelves, some kind of a store that helps to put things in order. Its lower parts symbolizes rice, seeds of rice spread on the ground in some order. I am aware of the fact that in Japan rice is a symbol of prosperity, fullness and finally peace – I read “spirituality” as a kind of richness that we collect during our life right from the start.

DO – it is „a neck standing on a crossroads” and it is not a joke – the right part of the character means „neck” and the left one simplifies the vision of crossroads itself.

Let me focus on DO as WAY. It is the connecting factor between past and future through presence. I am a rover carrying my backpack that consists my past and I will get to my destination (future) walking here and now (presence). Neck is a tunnel that connects brain (head) with heart (rest of the body) in anatomical and symbolic sense. A neck standing on a crossroads is a vision of our way, numerous choices we make, stream of a river of life that holds us throughout the life.

I am tempted to state this – Aikido is not a system of various movements and techniques, is not even a form of perfecting your body… Aikido is a concept of life, is a dreamer’s dream of life. It was created for peace and with peace all over the world it would disappear. The essence of aikido existence is its non-existence. Aikido is a river with its high and low waters, vicious streams and calmness when you make your way through waterfall. Aikido is humility and insubordination that hand in hand make a perfect couple. Mushin

When we switch off the lights in dojo let’s take our aikido home, let’s travel with it and go to work with it. Let’s drive our cars with that gentleness and softness, with peace in our minds, let’s hold our children with love and plant flowers.

There is only one life but so many ai-ki-dos.


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